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Free Tech Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Although there is not much I can help Ukraine with during these terrible, terrible times, my heart and mind are with the people of...

New Phone Number (UPDATE)

I posted this a few days ago with a number ending on 113. Unfortunately, I've had to change it again as the 113 number was receiving a...

Received second COVID Vaccination Jab

Good afternoon everyone, I'm pleased to let you know that I've received a 2nd COVID vaccination jab and that I'm now fully vaccinated!

New Forum Section

Hi there! I've created a new 'forum' section for the website for any and all members to discuss problems or technical issues with each...

Recognising spam emails

Hi Everyone, I've created a short guide on how to recognise spam emails. Often enough we receive emails and sometimes, they look just...

New blog section

I've added a blog section to the website! Here i will be posting updates regarding my company.

Received first COVID Vaccination Jab

I am happy to inform you that I have received my first COVID Vaccination jab. During the appointments i will still, however, wear a face...

Coronavirus Update January 2021

I am allowed to continuing business the 12th of April due to lockdown. In the situation that you have contacted me during lockdown, I...

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