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We get them all, phising emals. Sometimes they look just like they came from an actual company. So how do you recognise them? On this page I will show you some of the emails I've received, and show you how to recognise fake emails.

To add to this, if you have received an email from your bank, It's usually fake, as most of the banks do not send out emails. Have a look at the recipient (see below) to see who send you the email. If you're still unsure, It's best to visit your bank and have a chat with them. You can also contact me and ask me for advice.

Recognising spam emails.: Image

Recognising red flags.

Small red flags are easy to recognise.
For example, a few on the image underneath.
In the top left corner, you can see the subject field of the email. As you can see, there are emoji's (⚠️) Put into the subject field. Emoji's look unprofessional and real companies will (usually) not do this.
Another red flag is the massive 'Warning' with emoji's (⛔️) on either side. This is to catch your attention and to scare you. 
Another is right underneath this, You can see it says 'svenalleblas'. One word, no spaces. Usually the scammers copy-paste the first bit of your email address and put that in the email without editing. So, for example, if my email address was, it wuld say 'randompersoninuk please reply'.

Recognising spam emails.: Image
Recognising spam emails.: Image

Recipient Red flags

Usually you can see who send the email. At first sight, it sometimes says the actual company it's trying to disguise as. Depending on what email client you use, you can click on the 'recipient' field and it will show you the full e-mail address.
Usually it's a whole bunch of random numbers or letters. This indicates it's not from the actual company and that it's a randomly generated email address. This is the easiest way to recognise if an email is fake.

Recognising spam emails.: Image

You have won an item!

I often receive emails saying I've won an amount of money, or an expensive device such as a macbook or iPhone. As much as I would like to believe this emails, this is fake. If you do not remember signing up for a giveaway, than you haven't won anything.

Stranger danger, nothing is free in this world, if it looks too good to be true, it is. 

Usually if you follow a link in these emails they ask for extremely personal details, such as, bank details, credit card details and addresses. You do not want to give the scammers these details. They have ill intent.

Underneath you can see an example of this. 

Again, pointing out the red flags.

'Svenalleblas', one word no spaces. This indicates that they have copied the first bit of my email address to save them time making these emails, so they can get them out to as many people as possible without spending much time on making them. 

Another red flags is the wording, '1,000 Tesco voucher' is not proper English.

Tesco also does not sends out these kinds of emails and does not do giveaways.

Recognising spam emails.: Text
Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 22.06.59.png
Recognising spam emails.: Image
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