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Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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Sven Alleblas got his first computer at the age of 11, and this machine was very troublesome. Because of this, he learned how to troubleshoot computer problems from an early age. He found figuring out where the problem originated from and then fixing it extremely satisfying and rewarding and this continued his interest in IT and support throughout his life. When he was 15 he attended a 2 year IT Training at 'Hondsrug College' in Emmen, Netherlands. After that, Sven pursued his interests by following a 2-year class at the 'Drenthe College Ubekkingekamp' in Emmen where he studied Retail and Customer Support. During this time, he got an internship as a salesman at a tech store known as 'De Mediamarkt', where he learned about computer hardware and how to distinguish all of the different types and components. In 2018, he studied ICT at the 'Drenthe College Anna-Paulonalaan' in Emmen. During all of this time, he continued troubleshooting himself and his family. In October of 2019, he moved to the Isle of Wight, UK and in July of 2020, he started 'SvenWalkaboutRepairs'.



Company Dinosaur

His Favorite hobbies include chasing kitchen paper, shredding it to bits and whistling at the birds on the other side of the window.

He often tries to help by removing keys off off keyboards, however, fails to keep in consideration these keyboards are being used by Sven, and likes to try and chew cables, to Sven's disgruntlement. 

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